Sunday, December 4, 2011

Toddling @ KFC Chicky Carnival, i-City

With numerous invitations beckoning to visit the i-City, both daddy and I never really considered it for the sake of seeing lighted trees. Oh how wrong was I to make that notion.
The KFC Chicky Carnival was held there and it was good to hit 2 birds with one stone so yesterday we made the trip to finally explore this much talked about attraction.
Wasn't too long till the crowd begun to pack in so we decided to hit all the games and activities before long ques started forming.
The Da Vinci Creative Kids center was my first stop and with a little colouring here and there ... lo and behold, they got the picture re-sized to a cute key chain. Should have paid a little more attention to the finer lines for a much better outcome ... :-p
Petrosains had really cool mind games. It wasn't technical or tricky, to tell you the truth you just need to think like a child and you get the answers. Most adults couldn't figure it out as fast as I did it ... Not too bad!
Feathered friends from the petting zoo were happily posing unlike the rabbits and a huge deer that couldn't care less about the staring eyes and curled into a cosy corner.
The shampoo I use didn't just have tantalizing fragrance but must have tasted nice too. 
I wasn't going to miss the chance of hitting some heavy inflatable slides. Some of my 'bouncing buddies' were not in good spirits & went on rampaging, causing discomfort and fear to the rest of us who were smaller built ... nevertheless it was great excitement.
All the jumping got me starving and not knowing in and around the place, we decided on a familiar place for lunch. It was grandpa and aunt's birthday so a little splurging than the usual dining choices.
When at i-City, never miss the Snow Walk. With artificial snow & ice carvings kept in a freezer like enclosure where I had the best 20 minutes in recent times. By the time I was out, I froze my toes to glory and my usually fair complexion turned blue despite the heavy Armour (layers of thick clothing).
We stayed on till evening to watch the magnificent display and it was simply breathtaking. The mild mix of colours from the light just as the evening was setting in plus the bright sparkles to the dark night was superb.

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